About our company

HypeDocs is on a mission to help people celebrate their wins and beat imposter syndrome. Our goal is to build a positive and supportive space for members to share their accomplishments and grow the Hype Movement.

Members can use our platform to set a mission, create goals and track their personal and professional achievements. These lists then power multiple tools such as weekly reminders, with the goal of gaining confidence, beating imposter syndrome and becoming the best version of themselves.

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Our results in numbers

Venture capital raised
Founded since 2016
Amazing team members
Active users and growing

"Our mission is to help people celebrate themselves. We want to empower everyone to have the confidence to excel at whatever they want to do!"

We started HypeDocs to make tracking achievements easier than ever

It's human nature to focus on our mistakes, and forget every single good thing we've done. HypeDocs is shifting the focus back to the good.

Our values

Empowering success through approachability, celebration, accountability, transparency, respect, and open-mindedness with high energy and excitement.


We're here and ready to support and empower your success!


Let's cheer for every milestone, big or small, and create an electrifying atmosphere of motivation and positivity!


We own our actions, building unshakable trust and delivering excellence that exceeds expectations!


Get ready for the full scoop! We're an open book, sharing clear and exciting information to fuel your confident decision-making!


We honour each and every individual, celebrating their uniqueness and fostering a vibrant community of growth and support!

Open Mindedness

Brace yourself for a mind-expanding journey! Embrace fresh ideas, diverse perspectives, and limitless possibilities to unleash your full potential!

Meet our team members

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Our offices

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Meet our partners and investors

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