How to Onboard Your Team to HypeDocs

A quick guide and some tips on how to onboard your team to HypeDocs to maximize it's benefits

How to Onboard a Team to HypeDocs

We can't wait to have you and your team join us on the Hype Train! Getting you and your team setup is extremely easy. To start off, pick one person on the team to be the Admin for the HypeDocs account. They can then follow these steps:

1. Make sure you have a public channel you'd like to use for your team - now is the best time to create it if it doesn't already exist. We recommend calling it #hypes or #wins, but any name works.

2. Now head on over to to create an account, then follow this guide to install the Slack App. We're happy to hop on a call with you and help you with the setup if you'd prefer! Set some time with us at

3. Invite a member of our team to join a meeting with your team to help explain the power of setting goals, hyping yourself and recognition. We can also do a quick walkthrough of the app and answer any questions. You can invite us by setting a time at or emailing us

4. Your team is now ready to go and can start using HypeDocs immediately. The best part is their account gets created from the moment they type `/hype` in Slack - no need to go to the browser if they don't want to!

5. Voila! Your team is ready to go

If you're looking for additional resources on how to make HypeDocs even more powerful for your team, here's a few tips:

- Encourage managers to have regular 1:1's with employees where they can talk about long term goals and learn about employees accomplishments. This becomes the building block to a stronger employee management system.

- Normalize recognizing teammates achievements in more ways than just through Slack - celebrate them in team meetings, townhalls or other areas where they get high visibility

- Give us regular feedback so we can identify what is and isn't working well, and make improvements on HypeDocs for all of you too.

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Aashni Shah is the founder and CEO of HypeDocs

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