How to Connect Your Account To The HypeDocs Slack App

Follow these steps to connect your HypeDocs Account with your Slack App Account

Once HypeDocs has been installed in your team's Slack Workspace, each member will need to connect their HypeDocs account with their Slack account.

Note: This assumes HypeDocs has already been installed in your Workspace. If it hasn't, you can follow these instructions to get it configured.

The Steps

  1. Type /hype in your Slack message area.
  1. When the "Connect Your Account" modal pops open, click on the Connect button.
  1. The previous step will open a Slack Authorization page in your browser. Make sure you're connected to the right Slack Workspace in the top right corner, then click allow.
  1. You'll see a confirmation message from HypeDocs that verifies your account was setup
  1. Head back to Slack and type /hype and hit enter again. This time you should see the HypeDocs dashboard and can start using HypeDocs.

For tips or more information on how to use the HypeDocs Slack App once it's setup, check out this guide.

Aashni Shah is the founder and CEO of HypeDocs

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