How to Make the Most of Your HypeDocs

You've got your HypeDocs setup and ready to go, but how can you get the best ROI's for yourself using HypeDocs?

You're probably wondering what we mean when we say ‘making the most’ or ‘making every hype count’?

In simple terms, building a ‘bank’ of positive experiences and achievements is a proven method for increasing confidence and self efficacy.

You might not feel like it in the moment, but by letting these little hype moments pass you by, you are depriving your future self of this little cache of great memories, that we all need to rely on from time to time.

So what can help you make hyping your routine?

  1. Set a reminder and a time in your calendar to regularly update your HypeDoc. We recommend at least once a week.
  2. Need a refresher on how to add a hype on Slack ? Here you go!
  3. Remember - you don’t have to share all hypes, you can keep some for your eyes only
  4. Break up goals into sub goals so they are easier to track
  5. Create a todo list in the morning, and hype the items you managed to get to at the end of your day ✅

You can also hype yourself for making small celebrations an intentional effort in your day to day, or hype your team members when they do.

We definitely do 🙌

Aashni Shah is the founder and CEO of HypeDocs

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